Remote Education at HPE

This page includes information on our scholars remote education during the closing of HPE.

Remote education usage of our online tools starts Monday, March 23, 2020. Scholars need access to a computer with a keyboard.

Please review the HPE Remote Learning Family Communication Plan document outlining the details of remote learning at HPE including frequently asked questions and a suggested schedule for scholars. Scholars should start each day by logging into Clever and accessing Google classroom to review the assignments for each day. Teachers will be available Monday through Friday for office hours to answer family and scholar questions via Zoom.

As we prepare for remote learning, we encourage you to explore the resources provided at the bottom of this page. Scholars will be utilizing Clever, Google Classroom and Jupiter Ed during remote learning, but we encourage you and your scholar to utilize many of the other resources below.

You can stay up-to-date by checking our Instagram and Twitter pages for information and virtual events HPE will be hosting. Both social media accounts are listed below:




Social Work Resources: This document provides scholars with resources that can be used to provide assistance with topics varying from tutoring to mental health services: SW Resource Doc

Family resource document: Please leverage this document for access to all resources. Link will be listed here: Family Resource Document 


Referencia de Trabajadores Sociales: Use este documento para tener acceso a diferentes servicios para su estudiante. Este documento tiene servicios que varían entre tutoría y ayuda para la salud mental.

Recursos para Familias: Por favor use este documento para tener acceso a los recursos donde puede encontrar informacion sobre como entrar a google classroom y informacion de contacto de maestros.


Clever provides access to many online learning tools including Google Classroom, Edulastic, and more. Start by logging in with the scholar’s DP email and password. If your child is having trouble logging in, please contact your scholar’s teachers.



Log in to Google Classroom with the scholar’s DP email and password. Assignments will be posted regularly through Google Classroom. Students will also need to turn work in on Google Classroom. If your scholar is unable to log in, please contact your scholar’s teachers.



Scholars and families can log in to Jupiter Ed with their own log-in information. Scholars’ grades will continue to be updated here regularly with at least two grades per week. If you or your scholar is unable to log in, please contact your scholar’s teachers.